Recessed Lighting Services

The right lighting to bring a touch of style to your home.

Upgrade your Kitchen with new lighting.

We recommend 3 basic elements for best over all effects.

  • Recessed lighting: For your main general illumination. We recommend halogens with dimmers. To reduce energy costs you can use LED recessed lighting with LED dimmers.
  • Under Cabinet Lighting: To illuminate shadows at counters we recommend adding under cabinet lights. We install line voltage halogens with a 2 position switches for high or low levels. These lights can also be placed on dimmers. Options also include LED under cabinets. Other options include Seagul tracks and low voltage transformers.
  • Pendants: For that style & design element to your kitchen install pendants over islands, peninsulas and tables. They can be used for task lighting or table lighting and come in a variety of styles, shapes and colors.
  • Dimmers: A typical kitchen lighting upgrade may include many more lights and therefore need dimmers to control light outputs, for both ambiance and overall effects.

Any kitchen can come to life with new lighting.

We can design and install new kitchen lighting for you.

The above kitchen lights include Juno TC 18 – 3.5″ recessed fixtures with a par 16-60watt halogen flood. The trims or step baffles are black and cut down on glare. We added a pendant over a future butcher block island and a mini pendant over the sink. The plaster ceiling was refinished and primed. Note that the ceiling recessed fills the general illumination need.

But what this kitchen needs is under cabinet lighting to address the shadows at the counter working space and make that beautiful dark green counter top come to life. Because this house wiring was relatively old all lighting includes new circuits to the panel. We also installed Lutron Maestro dimmers for controling of lighting levels. Notice how the halogen light pulls out the rich grain and golden colors of the hardwood floor.