Alula Touch Screen Key Pad (7 inch)




The Alula RE657W is an intuitive 7″ touchscreen interface for the Connect+ security panel. The RE657W HeliTouch is a Connect+ encrypted, wireless keypad which does not include the WiFi expansion card (RE926RX). The HeliTouch keypad is AC-powered and communicates wirelessly to the Helix panel. For a more professional installation, choose whether to table mount or wall mount the RE657W with the included mounting materials. Select a mounting location (wall or table) within reach of the 10-foot power cable.

Product Features:

  • Encrypted, Connect+ enabled, optional battery-backed WiFi connection
  • Full status reporting
  • Vibrant 7″ Android tablet display
  • Clean and modern appearance
  • Mounts over holes left by previous panels or on table top
  • Ergonomic angle for comfortable use
  • Real time status
  • Wall or table mounting
  • AC Adapter Part Number: RE012-13



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