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The Alula RE6100S-XX-X Connect+ is a professional wireless security panel designed to deliver home security and automation services. The RE6100S-XX-S Connect+ panel comes standard with built-in Bluetooth Radio, Connect+ Receiver and Ethernet Port. Optional Cellular LTE (RE929RSV) and WiFi cards (RE926RS) provide primary or backup communication channels. Its long-range encrypted wireless receiver easily provides whole home coverage. Wireless arming stations and mobile devices uncouple the Connect+ panel from the entry wall and allow it to be installed at a location convenient for Internet and power connections.


Product Features:

  • Included Ethernet communication channel
  • Optional WiFi and/or Cellular LTE communication channels*
  • Control from a user’s mobile device
  • Industry-leading wireless range
  • Up to 50 users
  • Up to 96 zones
  • 5 year warranty



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