Alula Video Doorbell




Built-In Microphone & Speaker

With Alula’s lightning-fast, purpose-built network, your customers can have a real-time, two-way conversation with their visitor before unlocking the door.

Never Lose A Clip

The Alula Video Doorbell comes standard with a MicroSD card for local storage, and with the Alula Network, clips are automatically saved to the cloud for back-up.

IP65 Weatherproof

The Alula Video doorbell can withstand temperatures ranging from -20 to 140 degrees Fahrenheit.

180-degree Vertical Field of View

Included angle brackets allow the homeowner to capture the perfect view regardless of where the doorbell is in relation to the welcome mat.

PIR Human Detection

Using passive infrared motion detection, the Alula Video Doorbell senses when a visitor approaches and sends a notification to the homeowner’s phone.

Seamless App

The Alula Video Doorbell integrates seamlessly with the Alula app to put the homeowner’s front door at their fingertips.


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