Landscape Lighting Services

All types of lighting options for your landscape needs

Landscape Grazing

Accentuates textured areas with highlights. Light source is positioned close to object allowing light to skim across surfaces. Works well with brick and stone. Use also to create depth when lights are placed in corners. Well lights are best for this effect.

Landscape Path Safety

At night your house is in the dark. Achieve security, safety and beauty with path lighting. This is achieved with a low level path light and lighting an object near the path like a shrub or tree.

Landscape Uplighting

The most popular is this technique. Lighting objects from the ground up places the object in view and not the light source. This both highlights and shadows and creates security and safety. This is achieved with surface bullets and in ground well lighting.

Landscape Backlighting

Light sources places between objects and walls will wash the wall and outline the object. This creates depth with great security as the house is bright with light. This effect is achieved with wide angle floods. Light color homes with not too full shrubs work great with this effect.

Landscape Moonlighting

Imitate natural moon light with light sources in the trees. The use of metal halide fixtures in trees will create area lighting providing security, path and area lighting. This is best achieved with line voltage fixtures and requires tree climbers.

Landscape Steplighting

Enhance walkways along walls and steps with light for beauty and safety.

Landscape Security Lighting

Using larger wattage, line voltage fixtures you can flood your home. This will light your home and also provide indirect lighting enhancing security levels.