24 Hour Security Monitoring

With telephone lines from $19.99
With wireless web based technology from $29.95

Smoke Detectors automatically alert authorities. CO2 and natural gas detectors save lives!
Water Damage Prevention. We monitor water sensors in your home.
Your alarm system can also monitor medical alerts. Talk with our operators from anywhere in your home.

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Protecting Alarm Systems from Telephone Line Loss

You can minimize potential cutting with your telephone lines protected with steel conduit and all telephone boxes rerouted to the interior of the home. We can alarm the steel conduit with an emergency circuit or auxiliary zone to alert personnel of the cut line. We can also put a monitor on the line itself. On new homes the service utility is typically underground and can be relocated to inside opposite the exterior wall. On new home construction we would advise to bring in the telephone lines or internet lines at time of installation.

If your current alarm system transmitts with Contact ID format we can install a low cost web based communicator or cellular alarm transmitter for either full reporting or back up to your telephone lines.

The award winning wireless web based communicator from IP DATA TEL:

IP Data Tel Communicator transmits signals without the use of telephone lines. Connects directly to your router to enhance connectivity although needs no cat 5 connection if the signal strength is adequate.

This device enables the alarm user to access the alarm system via the smart phone and any internet connected personal commuter.